Sunday, May 25, 2014

Coworker  "but your father was a man of God."
me: "he was no man of God"
Coworker, "but he studied theology"
me: "sure he did, but that doesn't make him the man of God"

That was something I thought over for many years and have come to this conclusion. What's the prerequisite to be a man of God? Not much really, all it takes is "calling." Anyone can claim to have a "calling." I truly believe my father wouldn't be able to do anything else. Being a pastor allowed him to be on pulpit week after week. It is the only job you can be in the forefront with barely any effort. I proceeded to tell my coworker that my dad was so bad that we ended up in the worst of the worst church, tucked in the most secluded part of the country. He always ended up in a church that no other "men of God" wanted to go. The church I grew up in, was once known to be haunted. When we moved in, the place was overgrown and my parents with their bare hands, cleared the entire property. Then my Narcissistic Mother who also studied Theology, helped to run the kindergarten. It was so successful that the enrollment went up 5 folds, to a point where we had to turn kids away. Once the church had money, it didn't take long to other "men of God" to take notice and want a piece of the pie. Granted my parents did attempt to embezzle $$$, it wouldn't have come to light if the church weren't generating money.

These days as the indiscretions of the churches begin to surface, others are starting to have a glimpse of the facade that I grew up in. The self righteousness. The judgmental nature of many Godly people.  My Narcissistic Mother could take on the pulpit and give the best sermon. My father on the contrary repeated himself week after week for as long as I can remember.

What is it then? What is uttered is not what is within. I believe there are "men of God" out there. But they are few and far in between. Fewer than we think. We know of a handful and many more are not caught. The scandals will find its way out for some and others, it will go undetected. So much for all these "men of God."

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